We are recognized leaders in providing specialized procurement services , leveraging an extensive network of trusted suppliers and in-depth industry expertise. From the initial study of specifications to complete supply management, we are prepared to accompany our customers through every phase of the procurement process.

Our experience in supply management chain , in quality control and logistics management, not only contributes to the success of the project management phases, but is also a key element in realizing our ESG objectives.

Our strength lies in the creation of strategic partnerships with the main suppliers in the sector. These collaborations allow us to offer our customers privileged access to high-quality materials, cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.

Efficiency, Quality and Competitiveness

Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that every step of the process, from supplier evaluation to final delivery, is performed with the highest level of precision. Our experience offers a significant competitive advantage, ensuring that all projects meet priorities and deadlines.

We are dedicated to creating a supply chain model that promotes local content, expanding our network globally, offering our skills in direct contact with the local market.

We focus on building strong and dynamic relationships with multiple suppliers, which is why we do not rely on an exclusive relationship, promoting strategic partnerships with reliable manufacturers for different product categories.

Dipietro Group procurement team