Our history

Dipietro Group

It was born in 1990, when Antonino Dipietro founded Dipietro Strumentazione, a commercial company selling equipment and instruments in the scientific and industrial automation sector.

The market needs in terms of technical and on-site assistance were soon perceived and, in 1995, ATS S.r.l. was established: a company created to provide rapid and high-quality interventions at a local level for the equipment supplied. Gelone Progetti S.r.l. was founded in 1997, an engineering company that provides customers with analytical design services.

Antonio Dipietro presenta un sistema di analisi online

TMA S.r.l. was founded in 2001 to offer specialized solutions and technologies in the field of predictive maintenance of mechanical equipment and machines, providing vibration monitoring systems, machine alignment, design of lubrication systems with automatic dosing.

In 2008 following the merger of the four companies, Dipietro Strumentazione, ATS S.r.l., Gelone Progetti S.r.l. and TMA S.r.l. Dipietro Group S.r.l. is born.

The award in 2015 of an important order for the construction of a petrochemical plant in Russia led the company to extend its operations to the international market in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical and Energy sectors.

Within a few years the company established itself as one of the largest systems integration companies in the world, specializing in the turnkey supply of Online Analytical Systems, Laboratory and Workshop Packages, Condition Monitoring Projects on large rotating machines and Service & Maintenance.

In 2021 Dipietro Group acquired an Italian company highly specialized in assistance activities on large rotating machines, which led to expanding the range of services in the field of predictive and proactive diagnostics.

The new market needs and the need to guarantee rapid assistance at a local level led in 2021 to the opening of DIPIETRO INDIA Pvt Ltd based in New Delhi (India), in 2022 of a Branch Office in Baku (Azerbaijan) and of DPN Mozambique Lda based in Maputo (Mozambique).

With pride and dedication to family continuity, in 2023 the leadership of the company was entrusted to Carla Dipietro. With his dynamic and future-oriented leadership, he continues to guide the company while maintaining the company’s vision and objectives.

CEO Dipietro Group and Gabinet

Our History