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Publish on 02 Aug 2018 S.I.D.ART. Participation to the project  “Integrated System for the Art Heritage Diagnostics” and experimentation activities as industrial partner  for research, cooperating with:   CETMA (Project design Center & Technologies...
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Publish on 20 Jun 2018 ITACHA The project "IT@CHA - Italian Technologies for advanced applications in Cultural Heritage" provides exactly for the Dipietro Group the realization of an innovative system for analytical microdestructive diagnostics...
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Publish on 20 Jul 2006 Blu-Archeosys Project Participation in the project "Innovative technologies and advanced systems supporting underwater archeology" as an industrial partner for research and experimentation......
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Dipietro group

Administrative headquarters Via Capuana, 11
96010 Città Giardino - Melilli (SR)

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Operative headquarters II Traversa V.le Garrone, 6
96010 Città Giardino - Melilli (SR)

Milan headquarters Viale E. Forlanini, 23
20134 Milano

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