Laboratory Equipment (LE)

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The Laboratory Equipment dept. carries out “turnkey” Laboratories and Industrial Workshops.

What we do:

  • Engineering, Design & Layout
  • Technical furniture: Work Benches, Fume Hoods, Reagent Cabinets, Cylinder Boxes;
  • Electrical, Hydraulic and Exhaust systems;
  • Distribution Networks of Carrier Gases and Special Gases;
  • Technical Glassware, Consumables and Chemicals;
  • Mechanical and Electrical Tools;
  • Material Testing Machines.

Laboratory Equipment:

  • Mass spectrometry (GC-MS, LC-MS);
  • Gas phase chromatography (Standard and Engineered GC);
  • Liquid phase chromatography (HPLC, UHPLC);
  • Molecular spectroscopy (UV-VIS-NIR, FTIR);
  • Atomic Spectroscopy / X-RAY (Atomic emission (ICP-MS and OES), Atomic absorption (AA), Fluorescence and RX diffraction);
  • TOC and Elementary Analysis;
  • Material Testing Equipment (Thermal Analysis, Dimensional Particle Analysis);
  • Software Management: Data Analysis, Integrated Data Management, Integration on LIMS Systems;
  • Instrumentation for analysis on fuels complying with ASTM, IP, EN, ISO, DIN Standards;
  • Minor equipment and various accessories (Stoves and incubators, Technical and analytical balances, miscellaneous spare parts, etc.).

Dipietro group

Administrative headquarters Via Capuana, 11
96010 Città Giardino - Melilli (SR)

+39 0931 766044
+39 0931 1846768 (Fax)

Operative headquarters II Traversa V.le Garrone, 6
96010 Città Giardino - Melilli (SR)

Florence Office Via Iacopo Vignale, 42
50142 Firenze

+39 0550 126653
+39 0550 126653 (Fax)