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In 1990, Antonino Dipietro creates the “Dipietro Strumentazione”, a representative company that operates in the territory for the commercialization of scientific instruments and industrial automation. It soon became a requirement for the market to receive a technical assistance service and thus constitutes the ATS, a company able to guarantee quality and promptness to service operations on the equipment supplied. Dipietro afterwards constitutes Gelone Progetti, an engineering company that operates as a “System Integrator” to give its customers a complete service in the analytical sector, providing integrated “turnkey” systems for on-line analysis.

Finally, the need to operate also in the fine mechanics sector, leads to the birth of TMA, a company that offers itself in the market as a specialist in technologies and solutions for the optimization of predictive maintenance of mechanical equipment and machines, through the supply of vibration monitoring and machinery alignment and, the engineering of lubrication systems with automatic dosing for machines and plants.

On 1 January 2005, the Dipietro Automazione Srl was born, the result of the merger between ATS and TMA, which together with Gelone Progetti and the Dipietro Strumentazione laid the foundations of today’s DipietroGroup Srl.


The company from April 2008, operates in the national and international market in the industrial sector (Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Research) for the activities of: Electro / instrumental plant engineering, Engineering of automatic lubrication systems System Integrator for online analyzers and conditioning systems, specialized maintenance for process and laboratory analyzers, predictive / proactive maintenance for rotating machines and laser balancing and alignment systems, global service for laboratory instrumentation and on-line industrial analysis, commercialization of instrumentation and industrial and laboratory equipment. DipietroIn November 2012 the Dipietro Group S.r.l. opens a new commercial office near Milan, to support the existing one in the Syracuse headquarters. The decision stems from the need to face an increasingly large national and international clientele and the desire to create an office dedicated mainly to the marketing of systems for the analysis and sampling of steam, water and ultrapure waters.


In 2013, the company made further investments that translate into a significant expansion of its production site, which goes from 1600 m2 to 2200 m2.


The Company consists of technical staff with proven experience over twenty years and carries out its activities according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 with RINA certification.


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Dipietro group

Administrative headquarters Via Capuana, 11
96010 Città Giardino - Melilli (SR)

+39 0931 766044
+39 0931 1846768 (Fax)

Operative headquarters II Traversa V.le Garrone, 6
96010 Città Giardino - Melilli (SR)

Milan headquarters Viale E. Forlanini, 23
20134 Milano

+39 02 40700886
+39 02 40700906 (Fax)